4 Nigerian Brands to follow on Instagram. 

1. Deola by DeolaSagoe

Deola has been in the fashion business for some time now. If you are looking for couture and custom made pieces she is your go to person. From her laser cut komole as she calls it which has become the staple piece for almost every luxury wedding in Nigeria. 

She uses rich, vibrant colours in her designs with simple, elegant and intricate details.The brand oozes luxury. One of my favourite pieces is from her Wings collection because of the use of adire with splash of colours which was incorporated in the textiles. Her instagram page consists of her intricate laser cut komole in vibrant hues if you are into details this page is for you. 

Instagram page: Deolasagoeofficial

2. Duro Oluwa 

I am slightly obsessed with Duro especially when it comes to his prints. He rarely posts his pieces on Instagram but the few times he does it’s heaven.  PS. I stalk him on vogue everytime a new collection is released. His page consists mostly of art work by various artists, fashionable Lagos street style you will never know with his pictures because it keeps you guessing. His page shows his artistic side which gives one an understanding of his love of colourful vibrant prints. For the artsy lovers this is the page for you. 

Instagram page: Durooluwa

3. Maki Oh 

Maki oh speaks to my inner girly side her pieces are girly, quirky and what i love about her is she understands the use of Nigerian made textiles which is evident in all her pieces. Her instagram page consists of her collection along with her various international publications which shows the positive reception of the adire by the international communty which to me was long overdue. She sticks to the whole African aesthetics in terms of styling and also the models she uses. If you love girly feminine with a bit of edge style she is your girl. 

Instagram page : Maki.oh

4. Orange Culture 

Now this is one brand i’m obsessed with, it is an androgynous brand that provides both male and female pieces. He is one of the few Nigerian designers i know who is able to have an eclectic  vibe which makes his brand edgy, sexy with a laid back cool factor to it. 

His pieces are the types you can wear for your day to day activities without breaking a sweat or complain about how uncomfortable you are, they can easily transit from day to night with a change of heels and a sexy belt viola  it’s lounge time with the girls which shows the versatility of the brand. His instagram page is cool, edgy, colourful, male, female and oh so creative. If you love versatility no holds back  fashion orange culture is for you. 

Instagram page : Orangecultureng 


5 Intl Fashion Brands To Follow On Instagram


C.H was one of the first designers i googled when i got into fashion, her style is feminine yet chic even with all the crazy trends around she always finds subtle ways to incorporate trends while still maintaining that elegant look. Her instagram page usually contains pictures of her gowns & dresses, handbags and shoes which is a major part of the brand. If you love clean elegant looks this is the page for you.


Zac Posen’s page is the ultimate fashion lovers guide, he posts pictures of his design studio, workers and what he is currently working on thus giving fans an idea of how he works. He also post pictures of things he finds inspiring and cooks from time to time. My favourite is the pictures of the lovely ladies rocking his signature gowns during fittings and the quirky pictures that comes with it.He loves nature and flowers as evident on his page.


Gucci is vibrant, Gucci is Italian, Gucci is prints and patterns alot of there pieces are quirky with bohemian vibes, along with a lot of patterned dresses and menswear. Gucci is the IT brand right now they showcased 97 pieces for there resort 2017 collection show, yea you heard right! If you are a lover of prints this is the page for you.


Is family, not just any family but Italian family, colours, bold patterns, embellishments, menswear, makeup for the beauty lovers and my favourite there Uber chic embellished sunglasses I just love them. This page is definitely not for the minimalist lover. 


My love of Lanvin started with there shoes, they are edgy, colourful and oh so stylish the love built up to there clothes i love how they use vibrant colours in there designs. I fell in love with their former creative director Alber Elbaz he always gave bold jewel tones to there pieces which i loved.

Can you spot the designer who owns each piece?

Ps. Pictures gotten from designers instagram account.