Dear Friend 

Today i will write about my friend Danjuma Lawi because he has been on my mind lately. 

It’s so weird how you see someone around all the time but you never have any sort of connection until something brings you together. 

I remember the first time i took notice of you. It was during our law of trust & equity class. I was sitting close to Abdulmalik, we were clowning around as usual and you were sitting beside him. Abdulmalik turned and asked me Billy; do you know who he is? I was clueless back then and i replied no i don’t, he said this is Danjuma Lawi he is the one leading in our class, i turned and jokingly said from today we will be good friends;you laughed and said no problem and that was how we became one. 

I remember when i had difficulties in some of my courses you would take the time to explain them to me patiently until i am able to grasp it.  

I remember when i was confused on what topic to write for my final project, we sat down and went through what i had interests in and i ended up with a topic under international law that today i have a masters in. You took the time to go to the library with me to check for sources and also provided me with all the material you had with you to use at my disposal. You sat down with me as they worked on my project, i remember that day because i was so overwhelmed and your presence helped a lot. 

I  remember how you were quick to laugh  easily, easy going regardless of the fact that you were blessed with such talent. 

I remember how you would call me when i was in Lagos law school when almost all my friends were in Abuja campus to give me words of encouragement and ask if i had any issues with the courses i should not hesitate to call you. I always did appreciate that about you. 

I still think of you from time to time because of the kindness you exhibited towards me.Whenever i remember you i always say a prayer for you. God always has his reasons and it might be that whenever we think of you we only remember the good you have impacted in our lives. 

Continue to Rest In Peace Danjuma Lawi. 


Current 10 songs from my Playlist

1. Stressed out__Twenty One Pilots

2. Heathens__ Twenty One Pilots

3. Cold__ Maroon 5 ft Future

4. Chained to the rhythm__ Katy perry ft Skip Marley

5. Sucker for pain__ Imagine dragon ft wiz kalifah, lil Wayne & others

6. Water under the bridge___Unknown

7. Shape of you__ Ed Shereen

8. Mad over you__ Runtown

9. Temper (remix)__ Skales ft Burna boy

10. Akube__Dotman



A man will change for only one woman if you are not it they will never change.

The 30 day love detox_Dr Wendy Walsh.

Get to know yourself then you can handle anything.

Passion and the desire to excel, everything good comes from hard work and also sacrifice.

Get the knowledge of what you want to be in life and apply it.

Best things in life are those that happen when you are not thinking.

That feeling, i like to believe it still exists.

There is beauty in simplicity.

Don’t do things you don’t want to be done to your mum, sister, or daughter.

The first time you say you will manage you have killed yourself it’s either you accept it or move on.

Life is too short to be fearful of anything.

Don’t be shy to present yourself through your self invented fashion styles as long as it doesn’t conflict with your professional life or morals.

Stay in your financial lane _Kevin Hart.

Good taste is something that cannot be purchased.

Enemy of progress they still exist.

You are either going to work for someone else or work on the impossible that is yours.

If you exude happiness towards others you get happiness towards you.

Cheating is where a person is not interested or has lost interest.

Work on you first then anyone.

People always make themselves think who they are now is who they will be forever.

If you don’t like me just move on.

Friendships doesn’t come with judgments they either be happy with you or get happy with you or get gone.

You can’t help someone that doesn’t want help.

some people resent the generosity of others because it reminds them of there own failings.

When a man is acting the fool and people say “anyi mishi asiri” NO he is just a damn fool.

Don’t get it twisted baby I don’t flatter…. haha lies

Unrealistic expectations of marriage.

People are more concern about the wedding than the marriage.

Never behave as if your life belongs to you or a man, your life belongs to you and you alone.

I came across these points i wrote down throughout 2015, they are usually stuffs that i could relate to at some point in my life which i decided to share. Some are quotes by others while some are what i was feeling at a particular time i just had to write it down, will love to know what can you relate to on my list or what you have experienced in 2015.. Happy Holidays

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Sigh! Where do i start from.. Well let’s go back to 08 February 2013 this was a day before my birthday I saw this tweet and i liked it.

I have always been a big personality kind of girl, when i meet someone the first thing i noticed about them is there personality are they nice, funny, have a sense of humour, easy going and so on.
Face beauty is superficial but at the same time we are human it’s the first thing we notice, i won’t lie I love me some eye candy but at the same time no matter how fine he is when there is no substance one gets bored easily.

Always try and look beyond the outer facade of fellow human beings because it might surprise or shock you.


I am not one to read comments on instagram especially negative ones but once in a while your eyes can’t help but glance at one. I follow alot of fashion instagram accounts, where it’s usually models gracing there pages especially in the present fashion week.

I saw a picture where four models were standing and beneath it someone commented she
is just jealous because kendall is younger. It got me thinking why do women get so hung up on the idea of how old one is? Has aging suddenly become a sin that we should fear it.
I have no problem with growing old because it shows progress in ones life why will anyone want to get stuck in that awkward teenage years i don’t get it.

Getting older means i get to marry ,have kids of my own, watch them grow and take their rightful places on this earth if i choose to, it means i get to make a difference in someone’s life because i have the capacity to do so.
It means i get to make friends that i can proudly say i have known them for 50 years now. It means i get to think about all the good, bad and crazy things that has happened in my life because it helped shaped me into the woman i am today which i am mightily proud of.

I once saw a quote somewhere which says Youth is a club we all belonged to at one time which i totally agree. So to all those ladies who feel it’s ok to berated or make there fellow ladies feel bad about aging should remember they are just a shy away from experiencing it because just like death it can not be escaped.


I have always had the oddest taste in music, i listen to almost every genre. If i hear a song that resonates with me i am down with it.

I remember in my early years i used to be more into Nigerian party jams because the beats are always so good, but as i got older it changed a little i still love the Nigerian beats but i am now more tolerable towards slow songs that i even have a few favourites.

My taste in music changes quite easily, it depends on my mood which i feel is the fun part of it all. Currently these are my top 10 playlist i can’t get enough of ;

1. Ojuelegba by Wizkid

2. Double Wahala by Femi Oritse

3. Holes In The Sky by M83 with Hiam

4. Gangster Paradise by Coolio

5. Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

6. Carry Me Home by Sohn

7. Elastic Heart by Sia

8. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

9. Champion by Crystal Fighters

10. Emergency by Wizzypro ft Runtown.



If we were having coffee right now i will tell you i just an exam on foreign policy today and it turned out better than i expected and you told me not to worry about it so you were right.

If we were having coffee now i will tell you i can’t wait for the coming Sallah break so i can catch up on my TV series hello Phil Dunphy.. Eat, sleep and just rest.

If we were having coffee now i will tell you can we have a dance marathon where it’s only the two of us just being silly and laughing at ourselves on how crazy our steps are.

If we were having coffee now i will tell you i have been thinking about participating in a fashion runway show in Baze University on the 17th of October 2016, but i am skeptical about my capacity to handle it because i have never done one before and i want it to be perfect.

If we were having coffee now i will tell you that i know you don’t really like coffee but i appreciate the fact you sat through it just to hear me out. Xoxo


I have been meaning to write you for some time now but i always come up with one excuse or the other i guess now is the time we have the talk, so here are a few things i want to tell you ;

1. I think your friendship with a certain someone has reached that point where you have to go your separate ways don’t be sad I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

2. Love more, you can’t always be so guarded about your emotions, fine you have been hurt before but there are still some great guys out there who can’t wait to meet you so why don’t you let your guard down it might surprise you.

3. I know how you feel and It’s ok to admit you can’t do it all or it’s too overwhelming for you to handle, it doesn’t mean you are a failure but it shows you are woman enough to know your limits and accept it.

Yours Sincerely
Someone who loves you.