A man will change for only one woman if you are not it they will never change.

The 30 day love detox_Dr Wendy Walsh.

Get to know yourself then you can handle anything.

Passion and the desire to excel, everything good comes from hard work and also sacrifice.

Get the knowledge of what you want to be in life and apply it.

Best things in life are those that happen when you are not thinking.

That feeling, i like to believe it still exists.

There is beauty in simplicity.

Don’t do things you don’t want to be done to your mum, sister, or daughter.

The first time you say you will manage you have killed yourself it’s either you accept it or move on.

Life is too short to be fearful of anything.

Don’t be shy to present yourself through your self invented fashion styles as long as it doesn’t conflict with your professional life or morals.

Stay in your financial lane _Kevin Hart.

Good taste is something that cannot be purchased.

Enemy of progress they still exist.

You are either going to work for someone else or work on the impossible that is yours.

If you exude happiness towards others you get happiness towards you.

Cheating is where a person is not interested or has lost interest.

Work on you first then anyone.

People always make themselves think who they are now is who they will be forever.

If you don’t like me just move on.

Friendships doesn’t come with judgments they either be happy with you or get happy with you or get gone.

You can’t help someone that doesn’t want help.

some people resent the generosity of others because it reminds them of there own failings.

When a man is acting the fool and people say “anyi mishi asiri” NO he is just a damn fool.

Don’t get it twisted baby I don’t flatter…. haha lies

Unrealistic expectations of marriage.

People are more concern about the wedding than the marriage.

Never behave as if your life belongs to you or a man, your life belongs to you and you alone.

I came across these points i wrote down throughout 2015, they are usually stuffs that i could relate to at some point in my life which i decided to share. Some are quotes by others while some are what i was feeling at a particular time i just had to write it down, will love to know what can you relate to on my list or what you have experienced in 2015.. Happy Holidays

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Wow it’s been ages since last i posted on the blog, i have been so busy with school and still am it’s really time consuming but I’m glad i will be rounding up soon.

Anyways back to my post the ABUJA FASHION WEEK took place last Sunday and i happened to be one of the participating designers yayy!! From the start i knew i wanted to use our fabulous Ankara fabrics so for my moodboard which i named AFRO CHIC i decided to use dark colors with deep shades plus i have been obsessing over the 70s especially the wide leg trend the freedom that comes with it.. Heaven.

Prints, 70s vibe, Colours, Modern Chic with a hint of fluidity that’s what my board represents.