I am the one bent over like i know what I'm doing lol

I really love fashion you should hear me talk about it i get so excited, my eyes lit up and i can go on for hours discussing the structure, cut, fluidity, intricate beading or embroidery of a particular garment it gives me such a rush.

I remember when i was in secondary school how i always use to sketch at the back of my notes that even upto today my friends still remind me of those days. I have the passion what i need now is more knowledge and experience which is something I’m planning for in the near future but for now i learn slowly before it comes.




Early this year i got to design a few pieces and this happened to be one of them, this is when i am my most happiest creating a whole look i got a friend of mine beadsbykuby to make some jewellery that compliments the dress because it had silver threads woven into the fabric i thought that shade of beads was spot on. I knew i wanted minimal makeup which my friend mdazzle was able to achieve and the lovely Mimi brought my creation to life.
This was one of my happiest moments this year because i never thought i will be in this position of making my dreams come true gradually it makes me so hopeful for the future.


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