I am not one to read comments on instagram especially negative ones but once in a while your eyes can’t help but glance at one. I follow alot of fashion instagram accounts, where it’s usually models gracing there pages especially in the present fashion week.

I saw a picture where four models were standing and beneath it someone commented she
is just jealous because kendall is younger. It got me thinking why do women get so hung up on the idea of how old one is? Has aging suddenly become a sin that we should fear it.
I have no problem with growing old because it shows progress in ones life why will anyone want to get stuck in that awkward teenage years i don’t get it.

Getting older means i get to marry ,have kids of my own, watch them grow and take their rightful places on this earth if i choose to, it means i get to make a difference in someone’s life because i have the capacity to do so.
It means i get to make friends that i can proudly say i have known them for 50 years now. It means i get to think about all the good, bad and crazy things that has happened in my life because it helped shaped me into the woman i am today which i am mightily proud of.

I once saw a quote somewhere which says Youth is a club we all belonged to at one time which i totally agree. So to all those ladies who feel it’s ok to berated or make there fellow ladies feel bad about aging should remember they are just a shy away from experiencing it because just like death it can not be escaped.


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