I have always had the oddest taste in music, i listen to almost every genre. If i hear a song that resonates with me i am down with it.

I remember in my early years i used to be more into Nigerian party jams because the beats are always so good, but as i got older it changed a little i still love the Nigerian beats but i am now more tolerable towards slow songs that i even have a few favourites.

My taste in music changes quite easily, it depends on my mood which i feel is the fun part of it all. Currently these are my top 10 playlist i can’t get enough of ;

1. Ojuelegba by Wizkid

2. Double Wahala by Femi Oritse

3. Holes In The Sky by M83 with Hiam

4. Gangster Paradise by Coolio

5. Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

6. Carry Me Home by Sohn

7. Elastic Heart by Sia

8. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

9. Champion by Crystal Fighters

10. Emergency by Wizzypro ft Runtown.


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