When I think of love i think of my mother sounds cliché i know but it’s true, with the unquantifiable things that has and is still happening, she has always shown me unconditional love.

I feel her love (half to be precise) when she yells i am too lazy for my own good I should get off my ass and do something.

I felt her love when she told me if i went to Queen’s College in Lagos they will only be able to visit me once a session (My dad visits that state every month for business purposes) instead i should go to FGGC Bwari because it’s closer to home and i will get monthly visit.

I feel her love when she tries to make me smile by cracking really dry jokes just to help me get out of my funk.

I feel her love when I’m so sad that it reflects in my eyes, she sits me down and asks what wrong? Why so sad?

I feel her love just by being in her presence and i have come to realize this woman right here will always have my back so i don’t have to worry about that from anyone.


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