1. A perfect pair of comfortable heels.
2. A spicy sharwama.
3. People that smell good weird huh!
4. Solitude.
5. Anyone with a fantastic sense of humour becomes my best friend instantly.
6. Laughter, no one can fake happiness through a genuine laugh.
7. Weird people.
8.  Modern family any day oh Phil..
9. Majid Michel ( I get weird looks because of this) 
10. Dancing to old jams because they don’t make music like that anymore.
11. Taylor Swift.
12. Maxi gowns the freedom to breathe is unlimited.
13. Black henna on my fingernails and toes.
14. Anything that gets my creative juice flowing.
15. Finally the Almighty Nigerian stew a mixture of tomatoes, red pepper, and chilli pepper blended and fried with big chunks of chicken, i can eat almost anything with it i kid you not..


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