I write because i realise i have alot of things to say in my head but it never leaves my mouth.

I write because I just thought of something funny in my head and I feel others might think it’s funny too.

I write because when i get really mad, writing out my frustrations on paper helps to calm me down and not to say something i will regret later.

I write because i just saw a really cool pair of shoes by Guiseppe Zanotti, Sophia Webster and Brian Artwood that just got released and i can’t wait to tell others how I feel about it.

I write because I want to be heard and also connect with people on issues and things we have in common.


2 thoughts on “I WRITE BECAUSE

  1. I write because the stuff in my head drives me crazy until I write it down. I usually tweet the funny stuff. When I am mad it helps to write it down. I will write letters to my husband instead of arguing. And it is always enjoyable to write about things that are important to me. Thanks for liking my post, “An Open Letter to Tyler Sash.”


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