There is something about trends that i am beginning to grasp, because it’s everywhere and almost everyone is wearing it no matter how you dislike it one day will just wake up and realise maybe it’s not as bad as i thought.

Nasty Gal

Such is my story with the MULES, to be sincere I can’t stand it especially the fact it has an open back irks me so much, I think part of my dislike stems from the fact it has always been popular in Nigeria, parents wear it all the time especially the chunky heels because it’s comfortable i guess growing up my love of it never evolved.

Guiseppe Zanotti

One day I woke up and i saw the Guisseppe Zanotti’s gold double strap mule and it hit me all of a sudden maybe it’s not that bad and as I saw a lot of people rocking it in there different individual styles which was really chic i eased up on it and I might just rock it one day but for now i will admire it on others.

Nasty Gal Fringe Mule

First Impression

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