Neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit face wash

I have been on the road lately hence the awful stress pimples I am now spotting all over my face so I decided to do a little beauty treatment shopping starting with this neutrogena grapefruit face wash, I usually use it but i have never used this flavour before i love the fruity smell of it.

Noxema Triple Clear Astringent

The lady at the counter recommended the cleanser for my whiteheads I seem to get that alot i don’t know why.


I’m not really a cream girl i use anything I get my hand on but she said this moisturises so I will give it a try and see will let you guys know.



Finally i recommend a body scrub at least twice a month for the busy bees and budget freaks like me where a spa appointment is not in the months to do list and a bath & body works mist I chose this because of it’s light fragrance on the body.


What are your favourite beauty regimes I am up for trying them out so let me know.. Xoxo


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