The debate over stripes has always been a two way argument, on the one hand we have those that can’t stand it while on the other hand we have those that live for it and I happened to be one of those so heyy!!! A post on stripes.
Stripes usually tend to be worn horizontally or vertically but with the revolution of fashion over time designers have now found a way to strategically give it different looks that’s flattering to the body. Here are a few looks on how one can incorporate the stripes into their wardrobe. Enjoy xoxo
This first picture has vintage vibe written all over it, a retro shot what better way than to cap it off with a stripes pants.


Here it is reflected in a shirt dress and a red detail off shoulder retro dress.


For those trying to ease into it, this has a perfect mix with a neutral colour and is incorporated in small doses.


I say yes to the monochrome stripe blazer.. Why? Because it complements almost every outfit, colour and it’s like a go to piece.


Small doses like this ballet flats.


A minimalist dream, love this high neck with long sleeve plus the retro glasses gives it that le chic look.


This Altuzarra RTW 2015 skirt and blouse shows how stripes are manipulated to appear more flattering giving it edge & style.


I love anything that resembles a kimono and with stripes sign me up. Tome RTW 2015.

And finally it creeps into 2016..



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